Twitter’s Vine App Now Supports Embeds, Expanded Sharing To Facebook & Twitter



Twitter’s Vine app received a small, but notable, update today which allows the videos you create to be embedded across the web. The embedded posts are available in two styles (simple and postcard), and can be created directly within the mobile app itself or from a post’s page on

In order to access the new functionality, users will have to update their iOS application from the iTunes App Store. An Android version of Vine, unfortunately, is still not available. Once installed, you just tap the more button (the one with the dots “…”) at the bottom right of your Vine post, and choose the “Share Post” button from the menu that appears. Then choose the “Embed” option to grab the code, which is available from a link you can copy or email.

vine-screenAs for the embedding options, the “Simple” view shows just the Vine video itself, while the “Postcard”…

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