Qualifications: Mass Mind

Overview of Qualifications

• Copywriter / Content Creator: Innovative and in-step fashion, beauty, health and wellness, lifestyle, and technology copywriter across social media platforms, blogs, newsletters, and emails. Experience creating voice guides and conceptualizing and crafting copy for editorial calendars.

• Social Media Strategist: Experience conceptualizing and executing social media sweepstakes and giveaways. Identifying, engaging and leveraging key bloggers and brand evangelists for product reviews and giveaways. Researching and featuring guest bloggers in newsletters and on company blogs. Experience with SEO, Keywords, Sponsored Stories, and Facebook Ads. Experience generating and analyzing Facebook Insights, Google Analytics, Sprout Social and Hootsuite reports, which typically drives content creation for the editorial calendar.

• Expert Technical Skills: Google Apps, 3rd Party Facebook Apps, Social Platforms, Video Editing.

• Research and Database Management: Expert knowledge of direct mail and photo databases. GoogleDocs, FileMakerPro, LightBox.

• Other Reasons Why I’m Awesome: CalArts MFA, Outstanding written, presentation, and interpersonal communication skills. Agile in brainstorming sessions + also adore working independently.


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