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Springtime Detox: http://thinkproducts.com/springtime-detox/

Creating Confidence + thinkConfidence Giveaway: http://thinkproducts.com/creating-confidence-thinkconfidence-giveaway/

Gorgeously Gluten Free: thinkThin® Guest Blog: http://thinkproducts.com/gorgeously-gluten-free-thinkthin-guest-blog/

JBA JBA,  An Architectural Rendering Firm

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Body Peace Blog: love your eye color!: http://www.seventeen.com/health/peace/love-your-eye-color

Body Peace Blog: forget your flaws!: http://www.seventeen.com/health/peace/forget-your-flaws

Cafe Mom Q and A: http://www.cafemom.com/group/110860/forums/read/14045163/Ask_the_Expert_Building_Confidence_Self_Esteem_in_Girls?lastI

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Targeted Email to 300 Bloggers to Announce Launch of Web Coaching Tool, Subject like “Take A Tour, No More Dinosaurs” inspired 230 our of 300 Bloggers to open email: 


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Think Thin

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Think thin Valentine’s Day Newsletter: http://wp.me/a2nJkH-9u

Think thin Product Announcement: http://app.e2ma.net/app2/campaigns/archived/1354984/6c57e94445a112837b1590dfcaa9f783/


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