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The White Album + Be YOU

I’m in love with these 2 Pinterest boards I’ve created for one of my current clients.

The White Album

The White Album MSS

And Be #YOUtopia. Love the hashtag I came up with, too!

Be YOUtopia 2

Text Based Art / The Jealous Curator

TEXT BASED ART via The Jealous Curator

I once had an interview to be an artist assistant for Doug Aitkin. I remember he told me he liked my cowboy boots. I was not the right person for the job but it was cool meeting him, my focus at that time was working in the film industry in LA. He has a lovely home in Venice, just like you would imagine it.

What text based artists are you into? Tell me below – I’m working on a CV.


Imprint Identity


Source: via Mass Social on Pinteres

MSS has just completed the first phase of rebranding an entrepreneur’s web identity.  She has her own Home and Garden TV show,  has published books, and has products sold in major retailers.  This re-envision of course brings up ideas of how to integrate social media into the mix.

Pinterest boards are an amazing way to introduce your client to the magic of social media – they are also an exciting tool to use for brainstorming sessions. 

This Kate Spade infographic is BRILLIANT – my number one example of smart sharable social media content.

“Wow. Pink and gold – you had me there, Kate! But then – the text- Oh THAT’S SO ME…”

The narcissistic pleasure of social media in full swing. Let me tell you who I am by sharing this content.  And while doing so, I’m spreading the word on this company and it’s message

This was a collaboration between writers and the brand: